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According To Spandex Covered Wire Structure Shape Points

The so-called "spandex coated wire" is actually the general term for "yarn" and "thread", which is usually defined as: spandex coated yarn is a continuous linear object made of various textile fibers as a material, and it is thin But soft, and have the basic functions required for custom textile processing and the ultimate use of goods. In textiles, it is often the case that "yarn" and "thread" are separated from each other. That is, "yarn" refers to arranging many short fibers or filaments into a nearly line-like condition and twisting them in an axial direction to form a structure having certain strength Linear density of goods, while the "line" is composed of two or more than two single yarn twisted goods are called lines or strands. Spandex coated silk factory based on different classification basis, can be divided into different types.